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Meditation With Tea: Harmony With Nature And Self Through Ceremony

☯️ H A R M O N Y ☯️⁣

The soul knows -⁣

To manifest your desires⁣

Your thoughts, words and actions must be in harmony.⁣

To heal the Earth⁣

The human heart needs to be healed.⁣

To heal the human heart⁣

Harmony with Nature and one self must be restored.⁣


Obsessive thinking. We all do it.⁣

How often do we actually find time to sit down and think about our life purpose, our life vision?⁣

When you do, the minute you step into the world you get knocked off your feet by the whirlwind that is built on a concrete society.⁣

Even though I had been meditating for a couple of years by the time I met Tea in this celebrated form⁣

I was finding it hard to practise what I felt during meditation when I am not meditating.⁣

The first time I met Tea, my heart broke open.⁣

(This is a moment I often refer to as my Jaku Moment.)⁣

It has flourished into a beautiful relationship since then⁣

Me and Tea.⁣

In Cha Dao,⁣

There is a liminal body within the Tea that we share as we explore the many excursions of the Dao.⁣

We connect to the shamans of ancient times⁣

Who had sought answers in the elements of nature for all things that matter and mundane.⁣

When we sit with Tea we stay with Tea⁣

We cultivate the no-mind⁣

The effortless effort⁣

Going into the zone where the subject becomes the object:⁣

For there is nothing else that really can matter when you are here living in this present moment.⁣

Just as there is no form in emptiness and emptiness in form;⁣

As there is darkness when there is light,⁣

And light in darkness.⁣

There is nowhere else to be.⁣

Not the next destination you have to be in the next hour⁣

Not the last thing you have done regrettably late.⁣

When you hold yourself in your own presence⁣

You become the light.⁣

When you become present to yourself⁣

You stop chasing.⁣

You are made of what you choose to believe is true.⁣

And so it is⁣

In walking the Way of Tea ※ Cha Dao ※⁣

We find harmony in the yin and yang⁣

The beliefs and non-beliefs⁣

The being and nonbeing⁣

The mind and no-mind -⁣

Your true, infinite self.⁣


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