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Mars in Retrograde and Karmic Astrology

Join me and @stillbeckyidol on a journey to self-discovery through the looking lenses of karmic astrology. This is a revolutionary way of examining past lives and how where anger was misused and abused is affecting the way we are in this lifetime. ⁣With Tea Ceremony we come to stillness to allow what needs to come forth from the depth of our souls arise, and then find harmony within us through heart connection and beautiful Becky's guidance on soulful journalling.

Mars, a planet that is at home with Aries, is a planet of assertiveness, ambition, and aggression. When Mars is in retrograde, there is a propensity to internalise anger and fury, to hesitate and second-guess our goals and soul purpose. Not being able to recognise this can lead to apathy and resentment. During this ten-week cycle, you may gain new momentum and see your pursuits with renewed sentiments. ⁣

This is a great time to sit in introspection, to truly harness our very own magnetic field to see how and what we are calling in through our very own manifestation powers; when the call to rest is heeded and honoured for greater momentums to come. Aries is after all, a sign of true manifestations. This is a sign that seeks out all that She wants and calls them in effortlessly. Mars is a highly charged sign that symbolises courage and passion - so ignite these beautiful qualities, but at your own self-loving, compassionate pace.⁣

In this two-hour workshop, we will move through the masculine energies of doing to being by working through personal blockages and come to honour and embrace our divine feminine, our soul's calling and love. Join us via the link in my bio or @we_are_formless on September 12 at 10am BST. Sliding scale payment and a portion of ticket sales will go to @beatedsupport.

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