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Love Is...: What Cha Dao Has Taught Me

☯️ I C H I G O I C H I E 一期一會 ☯️⁣

A unique collision of energy that will never be the same again. ⁣

Tea ceremonies honour nature as She is before us within these leaves, a ritual that awakens us to the beauty that surrounds us. ⁣

Love is in the lasagne that you cooked at home on a rainy Sunday afternoon; love is in the random act of kindness by a stranger; love is in the rain showers; love is in a kiss on the beach; love is also in the fear of loss, in the loss of love; love is in this bowl of Tea, a cultivation of samadhi and dharma and dana so whatever happens you can sit as tranquil as the misty mountains, and let it be known that all your actions speak from the purity of that stillness you have cultivated ♥ ⁣

Pure screams of terror, pure howls of pain, of tears; pure joy, pure laughter, pure love... awakenings can be messy, as it does with giving birth, after all.⁣

Love is in this life that you are living, every second, and every minute that you breathe.⁣


Oh how wonderful it would be to sit together in person and drink Tea again. Every time I look at the bowls waiting in the corner of my room I feel the intense desire for them to cast the threads of love across the world. ⁣

Life is good now, and now and ever. Making the best of every given situation and vagaries is part of walking the Way of Tea ⚛ Cha Dao 茶道 ☯️, just as the earth turns up every day as the cosmos continue to turn and the seasons continue to change. Sending so much love to you all, whoever you are 🌿🕊

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