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Living In The Way Of Tea

🍃 Join me on 10th September for a divine Tea Ceremony on the Moon experience.

Link in bio to get your ticket now.

I look forward to welcoming in your presence. ✨



I have the most beautiful conversations with fellow chajin 茶人 and master of Tea, Henry.

I walked into his shop with intentions to buy a yixing teapot, thinking of deepening my practice with gong fu Tea.

He answered with a smile, "You mean you're not already practising gong fu tea?"

To which I responded humbly and almost a little shamefully, "No, I don't have a yixing teapot yet and I want to learn. I feel I am ready for that."

He gave me a little shake of his head, always smilingly, and asked, "You mean you need a yixing teapot to practise gong fu cha?"

Confused, I said, "Isn't it so?"

This was what he truly had opened me up with.

Throw away the lineage and traditions and masters.

There is not meant to be snobbery or hierarchy in Tea.

Sadly the truth is when the high-functioning thinking mind stands in the way, Tea policing and separation do happen so often in this circle of Tea lovers.

Henry's simple yet profound admonishment to me reminded me of this: It isn't about what you must know to be qualified (the know-it-all mind sets a human into rigid box).

It is simply a matter of having experienced it yet or not (and this inspires a human to continually stay open to new experiences and to never turn one's nose up to a cup of tea served to him. A guest always gratefully accepts the gesture of kindness and love in a bowl of Tea, no matter the quality of the vessel or leaves).

Gongfu Tea isn't hard and complex. Gongfu tea is tea served with an open heart. It is tea that returns you to the arms of nature. It doesn't matter what vessel you use - when served with an open heart and remembrance of your true nature, it is gongfu Tea.

You can use a side handle teapot or a Tea bowl to serve and it is still gong fu cha when you are serving with all your heart, closest to the Beloved, closest to

It truly resonates with what life here in this physical dimension is.

And that is the essence of Cha Dao - Tea as a way of life.

Tea Ceremony returns us to nature, thereby to our true essence.

Indeed, it is a merging of plant spirit, rites of passage, shamanic medicine and mysticism as well as meditation.

Our unfolding into the truth of who we are, like a blooming lotus, is congruent with our ability to embody the wholeness that is already right here for us.

There is no need to get somewhere, find or chase.

What we need is to open up, unfold, to allow the unfolding with an ever-present I-Don't-Know mind.

A sacred union of spirit and matter is happening from an integration and cultivation of stillness in ceremony when we enliven the rites of passage and rituals with spirit.

Through our body we access the wisdom earth truly desires to reveal to us.

Our body is the gateway that allows us to truly drop in and listen to the language of the soil, communicated through the body.

This is the alchemical power of the work we do inside The Siren Goddess: ♥ removing restrictive beliefs around your purpose, and shifting into the realms of limitless potential where you’ll be sharing your unique voice and creating massive impact with power and poise.⁣

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