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Ichi-go-Ichi'e. One Chance, One Encounter

Healing our wounds is healing the divides we have learnt to create between us.⁣

When humans began to abandon this sacrament that is the Great Mother, we have already separated ourselves from the unconditional motherly embrace. ⁣

Manipulating the lands to suit our needs⁣

Razing down ancient landscapes to carve in metal and stones with no intention to conserve and return nature to her God given grace.⁣

What ensued are...⁣

Comparison and abandonment. ⁣

Wars and fights against our own kin.⁣

Instead of putting down each other, how about we remember who we are? ⁣

Souls seeking for growth and expansion here on Earth.⁣

Souls who are seeking to return home to our Motherland.⁣

Souls living multidimensional lifetimes - we just have to look into our dreams to see the various versions of us coexisting now in the Universe. ⁣

Love is inherent in us.⁣

To remember we must first quit the preconceptions. ⁣

We must come into stillness ⁣

The simple melody of the flute⁣

And the exquisite sound of wind chiming through the pines in your kettle as the water comes to boil.⁣

Please do not rush. Please do not go so soon. Listen. Stay still for just this much longer. You would want to remember this, savour this.⁣

Why won't you?⁣

It will never come back again.⁣


🥀 Ichi-go-Ichi'e · 一期一會 · : Stillness In A Sacred Place 3-Week Virtual Shunyata Retreat is open for registration now. I don't know how many more of these will coexist in the universe in time, but I do know this one is so divinely led. ⁣

Like wind-shaken cherry blossoms, petals that fall through diaphanous spring light onto the earth, it happens one time and will not happen in the same way ever again... 🌸⁣

Link in bio to join us. You are so welcome. ⁣

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