I Am Celebrating

I am celebrating! 💙

I am celebrating the launch of my new website design. ⁣

I am celebrating the launch of my new offering Priestess of Tea and how gorgeous the online page looks!⁣

I am celebrating that I get to meet a dear sister and friend here in Edinburgh today with whom I haven't met for ages!⁣

I am celebrating the breakthrough I feel in my every fibre and bones that I am surrounded and constantly supported by my ancestors - my grandparents, my great grandparents, my light ancestors, and all those who came before me, lost in the chamber of history but never lost in the ether.⁣

I am celebrating that the forlorn little girl in me is so deeply held and overjoyed to find her ancestral family so lovingly gazing down on her, cheering her on as she traverses the quantum field of cosmic consciousness. ⁣

Here is what I have learnt: you've got to make a decision. Red pill or blue pill.⁣

Then embody that world you chose. ⁣

There is no right or wrong. The truth is, whoever that is living in the world they chose, is right about that world.⁣

If you truly believe you are a Goddess, that you are born to have the life you desire... ⁣

Own it.⁣

Choose to lead yourself to that place. ⁣

Choose to become it.⁣

Choose to live in that everyday. ⁣

Not when you've seen the evidence of its existence, but truly, as much as you can. ⁣

I say as much as you can because we have to get this first: we are both human and spiritual. We are heaven and earth. We are light and matter. ⁣

So learning to walk with both polarities is key to transformation. ⁣

It is ironic when I see so many beautiful creative spiritual women aspiring to lead from the heart getting taken out of the leadership game by Money.⁣

The undercharging, the fear of investing in themselves, the hyperfocus on investing into programmes that talk about making more 💰. ⁣

It is ironic because we had mostly, like me, left a corporate world all about money, only to find our way back to trying to crack the secret $ code!⁣

So many left, only to find themselves trapped in a circle that leads back to a matrix of predictability - and in the end you get locked back into a flat dimension that controls you.⁣


In my world, women are transformed beyond imagination and I know I don't talk about it enough because words can't even describe it. ⁣


Darkness are alchemised into purpose. Pain is not just healed but transmuted into a higher consciousness.⁣


An embodiment of a vortex of stillness happens.⁣


Love becomes a universal guiding life force. ⁣


Everything in life begins to look like they are happening for you. ⁣