How To Voice Your Truth

V O I C E S⁣

one person's voice speaks volumes (quite literally) of their inner being.⁣

The voice is such a beautiful thing. Like wind. Like thunder. Like rain. Like the sun. Like a flowing river.⁣

Slipping between cracks, sending across divine prayers and messages between heaven and earthly realms. ⁣

This heartfelt feeling comes from its resonance. ⁣

And this resonance echoes through the etheric body.⁣

Not only does it express the health of the fifth throat chakra, it also expresses the health of all the other lower and upper chakras.⁣

Signs you're not in full expression of your Soulful Self:⁣

❌ You are afraid of what other people think and tend to act the way you think they want you to, forgoing your authentic self, saying what you think another person wants you to say⁣

❌ You are fearful of speaking the truth⁣

T R U T H ⁣

Speaking the truth is not about forcing our truth on others.⁣