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How To Manifest Anything You Want

When Nina came to me with what I call surface symptoms, she had always had to go it alone, going in circles about the job she hated and the icky stuck feeling she didn't like.⁣ I sensed that by staying in the role of a victim she would never break free. ⁣ So I called her out with love and after one divine sacred ceremony together she said: "I can't believe how disconnected I have been with my body."⁣ A week later, she called and said, "Because I now am so much more aware of how disconnected I was with my body, I can remind myself to tap into my body to feel what's going on instead of go into my mind-f*ckery that perpetuates endless cycles of scenarios that are usually not even true. I feel so much lighter and I am speaking more truthfully now for myself because I don't get attached so much to what I am thinking others would think."⁣ She is now moving out into a new place that she can truly call her own, and through the big uplevelling she stays centred and fearlessly commands in her dreams with intent, integrity and love. ⁣ Where she used to hide, she is now unabashed about balancing the masculine side of her life with the Sacred journeys we take in the work we do together!⁣ Yes! AN AWESOME WIN I JUST HAD TO SHARE. 💫⁣ 👩‍🎤 My superpower is the ability to see through all of that gunk and get down to the root cause of what is causing resistance and stalling you from showing up fully and authentically.⁣ 💎 Because the truth is, you already know that it would feel so good to be able to show up just as you are, without pretending to be, without having to overcompensate to gain love and approval... you already know.⁣ But there is something that is holding you back from doing it. Why? ⁣ Because there is something to gain for you to stay in the same old state.⁣ Whether you can see this at this point or not, I urge you to really invite this into your heart - your mind cannot see beyond what it knows. ⁣ 🧝🏻‍♀️ But there is a way to remember.⁣ There is a way to come home to the centre of stillness that always stands waiting for you in the eye of the storm. 🌀⁣ 🌕 Goddess! Do you find yourself disowning your sensitive nature, not realising the gifts that this brings, instead dimming your light to fit in and silently breaking down under the weight and pressure of needing to have it all supposedly together?⁣ 💞 The opportunity to radically shift you to that divine embodiment of love, regardless of how you look, is available for you now, precious being.⁣ ⚡ And here is the ultimate key in your hands to the biggest secret of the law of attraction: it is not about how to keep attracting things to you to have a beautiful life. It is about knowing the truth of who you are.⁣ 🧜‍♀️ It is time to release your body and soul from the cycle of fight and flight response and allow yourself to metabolise at full speed, brim with radiant energy and live from your authentic truth. ⁣ 🐚 If you are ready for a divine transformation and want to know how, start with a a Heart-to-Heart chat with me to map out your divine transformation. It is pitch-free and an invitation to work with me is issued only if we are a good fit to ensure you get your mind, body and soul totally aligned to RECEIVE. Serious applicants only. 💕⁣⁣ BOOK IN HERE 📲 ⁣⁣⁣ .·.⁣⁣⁣ ⁣⁣ Warmest Love,⁣⁣ LiYing 💗⁣⁣

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