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How To Heal Generational and Ancestral Wounds

Leaning into my own ancestry has been one of the most profound shifts ever that Tea has given to me.⁣

I used to find it really hard to accept who I was, down to the blood and skin colour I had.⁣

I used to believe the scourge of the family will forever be a curse unto one.⁣

It had filled me with heaviness. So much that had piled on to form an identity that fed my anger and resentment for myself.⁣

But my inner work and with much tutelage with great masters and mentors has brought me to the doors of ancient remembrance. ⁣

I remember how authentic belonging lies beyond the chemistry within us.⁣

The wounded child in me could finally remember her way home because now there is this unfuckwithable presence in me that is always there for her.⁣

I love who I am. All of who I am. And therefore I love my ancestors. I love every imperfect beauty in the stories and patterns handed down to me. I carry them with me in my heart.⁣

Their courage.⁣

Their resilience. ⁣

Their silent loving ways.⁣

Their fierce loyalty.⁣

Also, the missed opportunities. ⁣

The regrets.⁣

The reasoning behind ill-fated decisions.⁣

Understanding my roots has awakened an ancient, a very ancient indeed, remembrance.⁣

And more than that - it has awakened an understanding that I am standing here on the axis that spins in the cosmos, where all time lines converge. ⁣

It is my responsibility to turn the karmic wheel, rewriting and resetting the balance for my lineage, as the future ones will rewrite and reset the balance once more for me.⁣

We are our ancestors.⁣

We are our future's past. ⁣

What future do we want to build with our hands? ⁣

There are virtues in centuries-old Ceremonies and rituals.⁣

We are also powerful beings who are here to set them free.⁣

And so I sit here, raising a few bowls of Tea to the Divine Guan Yin and allow Dark Goddess and the five Spirits to take me to the harbour where the wheel of time turns into another realm.⁣

I sit here, setting the white oak boats of my ancestors free into the sea, smiling through tears, thanking them for setting me free, thanking me for setting them free.⁣


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Be you, be free, it's all available for you, 💋⁣

LiYing 🧜‍♀️

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