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How To Connect As A Multudimensional Being (With Crystals & Cha Dao)

💎 How To Connect As A Multudimensional Being

(With Crystals & Cha Dao) 🧝🏻‍♀️


If you have been with me for a while, you know how much I love Tea - and crystals!

From smaller pieces to statement minerals, crystals of all kinds have been instrumental in opening up my third eye and crown chakras as well as etheric body.

Tea Spirit travels well on these crystalline mandalas of love, especially through the quantum field when we sit together online. And of course, because Tea Spirit is also deeply rooted in earth, we always return to our roots through through the dragon veins of energy that cycles through Inner Earth, after rising to see our highest potential in the stratosphere of the Cloud Realms.

I have hosted many transcendental Tea Ceremonies in the midst of crystals. Having experienced personally past life regressions, clairvoyant reading and vision holding as well as manifestations with these energetic tools, I felt called to share a glimpse of what happens when I work with both of these powerful connectors between heaven and earth.

If this is something about which you'd like to learn more, message me and let me know! 🕊🤍

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