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How Tea Ceremony Returns Us To Our Roots

○ C E R E M O N Y ○

There is infinite wisdom in silence

That blossoms from ceremonies.

Birdsong follows distant prayers

Shoals of lamp light

Evening tide has never felt this tranquil.

Washing over me with Her evensong,

The Evenstar standing solitary.

Tea soothes my throat

Warm liquid that imbues my cells

Trillions of stardust that made up this body

Trapped in metal and earth we struggle to remember

The cosmic miracles that we are.

Ceremonies were slowly buried in the concept of time

Stories turned to myths, folklore lost its pace.

But don't think the heart does not know.

For the heart knows

Just as you begin to stop

And listen

Your heart will know and remember

The ceremonies that brought you and me and all of those who sat before and will sit together in the future


In this heart space

We can hold this sacred moment

In honour, in grace –

In the infinite depths of love. ➰☯️➰ If you have read this far, hello 🧡

My dearest beings, as the final @pause_place Circle of Love comes to an end, I am feeling a stronger gust confirming the onset of the winds of change that I have been feeling most recently. The wheels are slowly turning again; slowly, a surprise that is taking its time to reveal itself. Rather than fall into fear I am remembering words that the Universe has sent to me through various channels – to keep harnessing my own intuition so that when I am faced with curves in the road ahead I won't be taken surprise; to root into my meditation and to continue showing up in my weaving of the mandala of love and creativity. It is like setting a dove free into the skies, this energy that is brewing up quietly, very quietly, and how glorious would it be to come back to presence?In this space we sit with Tea, know that you are safe, you are being held with love. There is no room for judgement, nor is there any room for comparison. Here we all strip back to the beginner's mind, so let it all go darling, and come weave this mandala together with me. Every Sunday I have the privilege to hold space for you with Tea Spirit, and it would be my honour to sit with you. Join me if you feel called to do so.

Do you feel it too, precious beings?

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