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Heart Centred Meditation and Heart Opening Tea Ceremony

The flow within us

The wave of commotion

The heart that centres 🤍


I received these words when I was tuning into the Line. My Guides are definitely channelling through infinite ways. I am seeing#hearts everywhere.


In the next month I will be holding space every Sunday at 1pm BST for an intimate Tea ceremony, where we could come together face to face and talk about truths, reflecting on our thoughts, and root deep into our authentic self. I am also receiving messages from my Guides to include a Tea sit in the evenings for a heart-opening session. No explanations needed, just simply a place where you can come to rest your head and heal your heart. We can share some words, writings, musings and poetry, like the ancient sages did. Or we could just sit in meditative silence, comfortably, as the sun sets on our last bowl of Tea.


It is scary for me but I continue to break open my own heart by putting this out there. So let me know if you'd like to spend an evening per week with me for some heart-opening (· Jaku · ※ 寂 ※) Tea as dusk falls. 🤍

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