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Gratitude For... Fivelements Habitat's Spirit Space Tea Ceremonies

Grateful for the universe for tirelessly and unconditionally moving me up the vibrational spectrum through human experiences. So much gratitude for the opportunity to close off this decade with the beautiful experiences I have had with the blessed Tea spirit and Global Tea Hut community, as well as for the loving warm space at Fivelements Habitat - for the first time in my life I truly feel like I belong and I can share freely without inhibition or fear of judgement in the Spirit Space. Grateful for tea sisters May Nogoy and Resham Daswani - so much love to you for taking me into the folds so willingly and for your kind patience. · The next decade already looks like a cup spilling over with kindness, gratitude, spiritual awakening, and love, love, love, and light. I can't wait to transcend, always bearing close to me the amulets of The Universe and Tea Spirit. 🌿🌟

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