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Global Meditation, Qing Ming Gathering & Tea Ceremony

☆ A N C E S T R A L ☆ H E A L I N G ☆ Tea community. Meditation. Healing through silence. Healing through tea. In honour of the past and all the beings who have drank Tea before us, I found it profound and transcendental when I place a bowl before me for these spirits. This Saturday I will honour my ancestors and I urge you to do so too and see how you feel when you see yourself serving this bowl of Tea to your ancestor/loved one who has passed/someone you find entwined with your soul and are in need to forgive to relinquish some old beliefs of yourself. Take what resonates and then leave what does not serve. This is self-sovereignity and you are rewriting history with respect to your ancestors. It is a powerful and mindful way to heal. 🍃 And of course, we don't forget that the most honourable guest is Her, the Tea Spirit herself. I will sit with a few bowls offered to my grandparents and also my star ancestors, and of course, Tea Spirit. I can already feel that it will be a most powerful tea ceremony meditation. Coupled with this, which I just found out today, Jupiter and Pluto are going to come into alignment in the planetary constellations, and a portal will open up in the celestial star systems. Through this portal we can receive a brilliant line of spiritual guidance. If not now for us to meditate and open our cosmic self and chakras up to receive this most amazing light and guidance, then when? Even if this sounds a bit too woo-woo for you, a little meditation to raise the vibration of this planet will certainly do no harm. I am honoured to be contributing to the global meditation that will be taking place on this same day across the universe, and I hope you can sit #withme too, 1pm GMT, April 4, right here, on #InstagramLive. 💛🕊🍃

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