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Full Moon In Cancer

I could see oh so clearly⁣⁣

The dancing stars⁣⁣

The cold moon⁣⁣

The crystallised breaths in the air.⁣⁣

The mystical path⁣⁣

Unwinding before me⁣⁣

Is laden with gold.⁣⁣

Gold threads of silk ⁣⁣

Clouds in candyfloss pink⁣⁣

Waiting to catch me when I take my huge leap. ⁣⁣

Below cresting opalescent waves of the ocean carry me forward as⁣

Piano notes continue to trickle through timeless space.⁣⁣

I pick up seashells and pocket them on my way to heaven's gate.⁣⁣

Waves crashing ⁣

Pounding into the softening sand⁣

Bring me back to the cosmic threads of here and now⁣

One deep inhale of this steaming bowl of Tea⁣⁣

Sends me to the mountains. ⁣⁣

Pine smoke rises from the temple yonder⁣⁣

One tinkle of the bell⁣⁣

And I am home.⁣⁣


How are you my beloveds? I had a most quiet yet magical birthday yesterday, and I am inspired, so empowered by the wisdom of the Universe to serve. ⁣

On January 1 at 4pm GMT, I am hosting 2021's very first 2-hour virtual Zen retreat. Zen and Tea are one flavour, and with space for meditation, contemplation we can elevate our mind, make friends with our bodies to create a sacred home for our spirit, and from feeling this wholeness that comes from the alchemy of Cha Dao, get back in touch with our souls. 🌟

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