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Free And Easy Wanderings

The raging storm and sea are friends⁣ The running water that has no end.⁣ 🕊🌊⁣ Moving through the mountain groves⁣ I found my mountain self.⁣ ⛰🍃⁣

⁣Actions threaded through with stillness can move us all through the ascension of energy, our awakening, and our heart-centred frequency uplevel experience. ⁣

Moving along in harmony with Nature's course, to empty out and be filled up endlessly with tranquillity and the wisdom of Tea, and then emptied out again by the teachings of Dao, can allow us to lead a life of free and easy wandering - and no, you do not need to become a monk to do this. Wander along with me. 🦋

My offerings: 🌟 1-1 mentorship {Mandala} ⁣ 🌟 Zen apprenticeship {SHUNYATA} ~ 3-month or monthly basis ⁣ 🌟 three-month Cha Dao Circle, registration is now open for March 28 intake. ⁣ 🪶 I also work with beings healing from disordered eating privately. please DM to or book via link in bio to get on a free Share and Heal Session with me to map out your challenges and come up with a beautiful solution together. I also have free resources up for grabs one click of the link away.⁣ 🤍🕊 All details in link in bio, or DM me to chat!

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