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Finding Zen Wherever You Are

We come into a state of meditation⁣

Through quieting the mouth⁣

And quieting of the mind⁣

But this external quietude that we insist on having before we step into meditation ⁣

Is superficial and really, a faulty expectation anyway⁣

For, as @globalteahut Wu De often says, even on the highest peak on the loneliest mountain⁣

You may come across an aeroplane flying overhead.⁣

Can you believe that we are coming into our sixth month of virtual Tea sharing? ⁣

Through these months I have been serving metaphorical Tea⁣

To all those who have come to sit and pass through without actually tasting the flavour or smelling the aroma of these living teas we have in ceremony ⁣

I bow down to you for showing up despite the ectoplasmic experience we shared⁣

I bow in gratitude for your willingness to show up for your own growth and expansion⁣

Thank you for your honesty⁣

Your courage to be vulnerable ⁣

Your willingness to show up for your Self, Soul, and Heart⁣

Your loving acknowledgement of that pull to discover⁣

The ley lines of your body⁣

Thank you for the truth upon you walk ⁣

Thank you for creating space for Tea⁣

For allowing me to hold space for that magical connection to happen⁣

Thank you for seeing the divine⁣

In everything ⁣

For coming together to weave this mandala of love;⁣

To allow in Tea Spirit⁣

To tune in and gently, so gently, allow Her to open your heart.⁣

Because there is always a choice to stay the same⁣

Or to take that leap of faith and just jump right in.⁣

She is always here for you⁣

The great bridge to the Divine⁣

To peace and tranquillity ⁣

To gratitude and grace⁣

To harmony with all around and beyond us.⁣


What is your reason for showing up at your altar, whatever it is that keeps you in tune to the Universe/ Inner Being/ Source/ Higher Self, every day? Share 👇👇 I would love to know 🧡

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