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Embodying Love And Grace

As we walk through the snow-capped mountains ⁣ Watch the reflection of the full moon rise upon the ice crystals⁣ Each layer of us continues to shed ⁣ On this journey⁣ To no-thingness ⁣ Oh Wise Woman⁣ I am calling you forth.⁣ Drop away the cowl ⁣ Let down your silvery mane⁣ Oh Wise Woman⁣ I am ready to receive.⁣ The pain of separation from life⁣ The painful motions we make going upstream ⁣ That have left us fatigued.⁣ Let it be known ⁣ I dare to own this fatigue ⁣ I dare to own these lessons⁣ I dare to step into my divine beingness ⁣ Because I have felt the breath of the Beloved ⁣ So close upon the veil over my skin. ⁣ Because I have felt the light shine upon my heart ⁣ So vividly⁣ So relentlessly. ⁣ I have felt it before⁣ And learnt not to attach my desires to Her.⁣ I call home all my spirits.⁣ Let it be known that I am home⁣ Listening to ⁣ And sitting still when Dao tells naught yet.⁣ Reading the words of the Sage again and again⁣ Words that illuminate the Way. ⁣ There is so much that I do not know.⁣ All that I know is but an illusion. ⁣ This is my vow.⁣ I am going to stay through the darkness⁣ Until new life force is birthed again.⁣ 🌊🕊💙

.·.⁣⁣ Warmest Love,⁣⁣ LiYing 💗⁣

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