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Dr. Joe Dispenza's Heart Coherence Theory in Tea

Every Tea Ceremony transcends us and grounds us at the same time. ⁣

When we come to the centre of stillness with the help of Tea, we can start from a clean slate and fill that up with intention and clear elevated emotions. ⁣

This is where great creativity flows. ⁣

This is where we get clear with our soul purpose. ⁣

This is where we do our deepest shadow work and come out living from the heart and with so much more clarity of the mind. ⁣


Want to learn more about Cha Dao?⁣

I offer: ⁣

🌟 1-1 mentorship {Mandala} ⁣

🌟 Zen apprenticeship {SHUNYATA} ~ 3-month or monthly basis ⁣

🌟 three-month Cha Dao Circle, registration is now open for March 28 intake. ⁣

🪶 I also work with beings healing from disordered eating privately. please DM to or book via link in bio to get on a free Share and Heal Session with me to map out your challenges and come up with a beautiful solution together. I also have free resources up for grabs one click of the link away.⁣

🤍🕊 DM me to chat!

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