Coming Together For Tea

We are all spiritual beings having a human experience. And if we live life as if it is a dream, what limitations would we set for ourselves? No limit, no bounds.⁣


Immensely grateful for all the gorgeous beings who came and gave Tea a chance to change your lives. I love seeing and hearing stories of how Tea Herself has given you the opportunity that you wouldn't have thought of giving yourself otherwise, to truly be and let whatever arises to take you along with the flow with the Dao. It is in this being that you can act more freely and in harmony with your dharma and the greater Universal good. It is in the stepping into the unknown that you begin to break free and live gently and passionately from the heart.⁣

It is in these beautiful mandala of love that we form, whether in person or in the virtual space, that we can truly heal and expand. Your insights will differ from the time you spend in solitude with Tea. It is these different casts of light that makes a difference and can enhance your own daily rituals and practice. ⁣


🍃 If you would like to book in for a private Tea Ceremony in person (in KL) or virtual space (wherever you are), the link is in my bio to sign up. ⁣

🍃 I also have weekly virtual events in which we can all sit and connect with the Universe of Cha Dao, every Monday and Thursday, as well as special occasions. Link in my bio for the full schedule. ⁣

🍃 And finally, a wait list for a seven-week deep dive is also open. Please get in touch to be the first to learn of it when it is ready to launch 🥰⁣



Embrace this moment and each and every moment you have with yourself and your loved ones, my loves. I see you and honour you. Raising a bowl to you - crossing paths with you is truly a miracle. 🌌💫🕊🌿

These photos are from yesterday's beautiful evening sit. Thank you @chazhiji_official for your generous gifts. Thank you to all who were there, and many Happy solar return blessings to you, @evonne_x; special thanks to @tsheena for bringing us all into full circle. 🌕

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