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Cha Dao, The Way of Tea: The Life of Tea Has Little to Do with the Tearoom...

I remember, at the very beginning of my Tea journey, I had posted a picture with this quote from Soetsu Yanagi: "Tea is a religion of beauty. It can claim to be called the Way of Tea only when it is exalted to a religion. Until the mind is ready, we cannot hope to enter the sanctuary of Tea." 🍃 I stumbled across this quote again today, and it struck me remarkably, how differently I read it now. Same words, different mind. Tea has entered me and is continuing to enter my life – there is no other way to better put it but that I have, since that time I first noted this quote, continue to become the moment, as The Way of Tea (.·. Cha Dao ·.·) bleeds into every aspect of my life. We learn to purify our spirits as a Chajin; we learn to stay in the moment as we would stay with the Tea; we learn to transcend our Self as we would as a Chajin serving at a tea ceremony. 🍃 As Wu De writes, "We learn to walk, talk and breathe our tea. Mindfulness is not something added onto the moment, but rather the moment experienced more fully." 🍃 Take that powerful sentence in. Do you feel how beautiful that is, to know that it exists so simply in our tea, our teaware – in other words, our everyday life? 🕊🌿 Our tea family @globalteahut needs your help in manifesting a gorgeous free Light Meets Life Tea Centre. If you are so called to support, please visit the link in my bio. Sending love, light and gratitude to you 🙏💛

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