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Cha Dao, Meditation and Spiritual Community: The Spirit Path Tea Circle

🕊 S P I R I T 🌿 P A T H 🕊⁣

I am constantly evolving with the Universe. Today, after sitting for a few days without words flowing through me, I awoke to a new perspective. I am always in search of a community of like-minded souls, and now more than ever I hear the clarion call to build this space, slowly and ever so surely.⁣

Thus, Spirit Path Tea Circle is born. I see a beautiful community of beings who are selflessly sharing their crafts and knowledge and passion, supporting each other with collaborations and an ever expanding network, who come with a shared love for Tea. I see us all communing with Tea Spirit to get into the flow of the Dao, the Universe that is within us. ⁣

Spirit Path Tea Circle, uplevelled after the retrogrades, seeks to cultivate the spirit of the Tea Leaf in a fully accessible and integrative manner into your way of life. You will come to commune with Tea as well as use crystals to enhance these spiritual downloads and energetics. Hence, my offer to you:⁣

Apart from the welcome gift of a package of living clean Tea picked lovingly according to your sun and moon signs as well as a crystal kit, you will also receive:⁣

°weekly Tea ceremony meditations with me live as well as with other members

°access to a private support group where you can also network with everyone who is aligned with our soul purposes⁣

°monthly one-to-one private sits with me for 30 minutes to gauge the tea to send you each month to recalibrate your astral and chakra systems⁣

°Half price entry to all When Still Waters Speak events ⁣

Go here to find out more on how you can walk your own Cha Dao and still be fully supported by a loving, light-seeking community. I look forward to welcoming you there. 🧡🙏🏻🕊🌿

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