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Cha Dao: Learning The First Rule Of Thumb

In Cha Dao we empty our minds and let Tea fill our cups up again⁣

before emptying it all once again.⁣

And in this emptiness we find a sweet surrender to a cosmic energy that is beyond our comprehension⁣

and yet, so familiar, so true, so beautiful and sorrowfully forgotten until now.⁣

Soul. that is the soul. the astral body, the star body that you own.⁣

Here, in acknowledging your soul you find in the higher dimensions beyond gravity⁣

True surrender to the force field of love.⁣

You understand⁣

and you allow⁣

this force of love to flow through you⁣

and let it guide you to your soul's purpose.⁣

Tea Spirit, ⁣

guardian of this galaxy, ⁣

a bridge between heaven and earth,⁣

leads us into a graceful ease in understanding and surrendering ⁣

to the Universal unknown⁣

with a knowing smile that ⁣

it is done. it is done.⁣


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