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Cha Dao And The Unknown

The journey in Cha Dao · 茶道 · is a shedding. Shedding of the distracting shiny things. Seeing life for what it is - an extraordinary thing that is completely alive and therefore fluid in all its ordinariness; one thing of no certainty except that nothing is certain. When I first studied Tea, I would do the same thing over and over again - sitting next to my serving Tea sister as the Water Bearer (chá tóng · 茶童). I have been reminiscing on the simplicity of these times, of non-doing, no expectations, a deep felt sense of trust in the journey through the unknown back in touch with the Way, or as one might call the Dao and my dao within. What happens on this path on the Way is truly a spiralling path to becoming more open, more connected with the sacred way within us, ever more accepting of all the phases in life. The winding turns and straight roads alike, the chaos and the stillness alike, the liminal spaces and the subliminal. 🍃

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