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As Above, So Below

"Soul is the individual expression of spirit, and spirit is the universal expression of soul." ~ Anodea Judith⁣


As with our souls, Tea leaves are also individual expressions of the trees and terroir; and the trees a universal expression of the leaves. This makes Tea a wonderful medicine for the soul. The soul knows where to find a place to land, while the spirit sets us free. They are interdependent, as above, so below. Heaven and Earth are interwoven with each other. In Zen, Heaven is already here on Earth. There is nothing to achieve, nowhere else to seek. We are eternal spiritual beings living a human experience. This body is a vessel, and in service of Tea I am always taken away and returned to nothingness, as Tea Spirit gently opens me up and flows through me. Tea is grounding and transcendental at the same time, making Her the effortless bridge between heaven and earth -⁣

The Hieros gamos ~ a sacred marriage, a union of cosmic polarities.⁣


Dear Dao seeker, if you need a place to rest your weary heart, this Tea space welcomes you with open heart and arms. There is no need to explain why, but Tea Spirit calls for you when it is time for you to be acquainted - an acquaintance that deepens into a relationship that lasts for a lifetime, and who knows, perhaps even more. Offering 1:1 and group support bespoke to your needs. Link in tabs above to book in for a private Tea Ceremony. I look forward to receiving your presence and working with your unique individual energetics with the honourable presence of Tea Herself. 🕊〰️🍃

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