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Arriving At The Gates Of Shunyata

I stand before these tall trees

And called for my soul to die into the soil

To merge and become one with the Earth.

I look up to Father Sky with my eyes

And ask for light to transmute in my body

This crystalline grid that is in my biological makeup.

I ask for all my traumas to rise and be met

By the shock waves of love, compassion, non-judgement and non-duality.

I let my spirit be razed to the ground

Pulverised into no-thingness.

Pure Shunyata

In the vast ocean of unknown and no-time, no-space, no-name,


Holding onto the yellow cords of these Tea veins

I ride the clouds

And soar through blue skies.

I crest the waves

And dip deep into the icy cold waters of the ocean.

I bury my feet under warm soft sand

And took a good look at the back of my hands.

All those years of trying to be perfect

All those years of fighting to be right and good

How much wrinkles have formed on my parents' face

I shed tears thinking of my own selfishness.

For not appreciating the present moment that flies by way too quickly.

How much time has already been plundered from our unconsciousness

As we try to make sense of the tangled Web of this mind-made maze.


On fighting to be right.

Running into dead ends as we fight our shadows and beat ourselves up when we fall.

No one can feel our pain but ourselves.

No one can feel the pain for us.

So why do we let others decide what is right for us?

Why do we seek permission from something outside of us to be happy, to be free to be who we are?

Watch how energy is leaving you every second you fight to be right.

Watch how the Universe is always working in your favour.

Every single experience is leading you back to your wholeness.

Your one true nature as a sovereign multidimensional being. 🌌

There is no timetable to work with.

This is simply it.

Your one sweet life.

Now go reach for the stars

And see how you can lift off and be free.

Right now.

Come, let us have some Tea. 🍃

📸 Me blossoming with gratitude 🌺· 👉🏻 Binning Woods 🌳 · 👉🏻 Dunbar 🌊

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