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Are You Addicted To Being Busy?

Precious being, ⁣

Would you take a moment to envision how life would be like if you take every step and act from the very core of your heart?⁣

What does that look like? How does that feel?⁣

So often, we believe that we are more productive when we are doing something - anything - or when we are constantly building upon one thing or another. ⁣

We have forgotten the art of stillness. Cha Dao reminds us that behind every great decision is a vista of stillness, of quietude. In every living moment there is a missed opportunity to be as calm and silent as the Universe before mankind roamed this planet. ⁣

When we act from a calm centre, we are acting with the stillness of the Dao, a state of mind that is Zen and at one with the nature of the no-mind.⁣

So, The Way of Tea isn't simply about retreating from the world of dust. It is about harnessing our intuition by getting still, by allowing us to focus on this one moment as we have Tea, and then through reverence and harmony, let Tea imbue our stream of consciousness, and let Tea and being become one. ⁣

This calm centre is the very heart of the Dao, which will always lead us to stay centred in harried moments, to act when the time is right, not because it was forced or coerced or badgered, which often only results in something unnatural.⁣

So I would like you to get real today: Are you addicted to being busy? What is giving rise to this resistance, if any, against anchoring in a meditative practice?⁣

How are you nourishing your heart today? 🧡⁣


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