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An Ode To Tea: In Ceremony, Devotion, Meditation

What I love about Tea is that, like Guan Yin, She manifests in many guises.

In the hands of different chajin, different teaware, different settings, She takes on the mood du jour and transmogrifies her transmissions to fit in quietly; nevertheless, powerfully.

I remember the last bowl my Tea sisters in Hong Kong had passed to me.

Little did I understand the devotion each bowl of Tea encapsulated.

Each steep a footfall of Her own

Each bowl a unique taste.

I sat in honour of the privilege to receive.

I finally understand now as I look back.

How the beginning of all ordainment is to learn to receive Her so to understand her Spirit fully

before rushing in to give.

Her presence is presence.

Her teaching is innately present

In every living and non-living being.

To serve is to understand how the sacred lies in every breath we take;

To see everything that we call the "just moment" is in fact divine and sacred

Is the nature of the Dao. 🌿🕊 ※

We walk through the proverbial dewy path (roji) of the Zen Garden and enter through the tiny door (nijiriguchi) into the Tea space. When we pass through that door we all become one, with no identity, rank, or difference of opinions. From shamans who found medicine in Tea, to Zen monks who transmitted wisdom through Her, and Daoist sages and proliferate poets who waxed lyrical before Her glinting mien, there She shines best in ceremony. As I steep in my own roots and trace my lineage back to the Tea rituals, I bow before Her in silent reverence and I hope to instil such stillness and presence in you too.

In ceremony, we are all here for one purpose and one intention, which is to drop our guards and open our hearts. We do not seek to change hearts and minds, but rather to gently open up the heart through love and no judgement. All beings are welcomed. No prior Tea ceremony experience is required. #linkinbio should you feel called to join in🙏🧡➰☯️

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