Age Of Aquarius: The New Age Way Of Connection

Thoughts on the deep, inexplicable connections forged through sharing Tea in the virtual space today 〰️ 

Every time I come into the virtual space to share Tea, I am left in awe, steeping deep in the beautiful presence of the precious beings who come to sit with me. I also know we have opened up a space that have seen hearts coming out of the woodworks, wide open gashes and naked and vulnerable.

Something electrifying happens, and there is no name for this occult. There is no way to explain it, other than the fact that we are all coming to truly, fully embody the Age of Aquarius in this incredibly transcendental way.⁣

There is something mysterious that happens ⁣

When we come together ⁣

Weaving a mandala of love⁣

Connecting with each other⁣

With our Selves⁣

With the extraterrestrials, the cosmos, and ancestors who have walked this Earth before us. ⁣