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Age Of Aquarius: The New Age Way Of Connection

Thoughts on the deep, inexplicable connections forged through sharing Tea in the virtual space today 〰️ 

Every time I come into the virtual space to share Tea, I am left in awe, steeping deep in the beautiful presence of the precious beings who come to sit with me. I also know we have opened up a space that have seen hearts coming out of the woodworks, wide open gashes and naked and vulnerable.

Something electrifying happens, and there is no name for this occult. There is no way to explain it, other than the fact that we are all coming to truly, fully embody the Age of Aquarius in this incredibly transcendental way.⁣

There is something mysterious that happens ⁣

When we come together ⁣

Weaving a mandala of love⁣

Connecting with each other⁣

With our Selves⁣

With the extraterrestrials, the cosmos, and ancestors who have walked this Earth before us. ⁣

The distance between us melting away.⁣

This is the very heart of the Age of Aquarius ~⁣

Connections made in the advanced and vast world wide Web⁣

Where boundaries crumble.⁣

Citizens of the world who are transcending physical space and tactile realities.⁣

The soul can come forth ⁣

In the crystalline clarity of stillness.⁣

Soul to soul⁣

That is when we can meet to give out love to all⁣

To meet individuality with levelled gazes⁣

Understanding that there is more to the mind⁣

Understanding that consciousness is you⁣

And you are consciousness. ⁣

Ah. ⁣

So this is the Age of Aquarius... ♒ ⁣

I believe we are all now coming together in person after the past few months of virtual meetings. How are you feeling about the resuscitation of this faster pace in life? I for one am definitely not taking any of the virtual Tea Ceremonies off. I have experienced so many transcendental moments that I can fully appreciate the way these sits unlock doors for us all, no matter where we are in the world. In fact, this allows more beings to create a sacred space in their own homes and learn that stillness is within and all around us, never far away.

Drop me a 🍃 and share if you have experienced this before in the virtual space... or in person. ⁣

May we all find the Way of Tea, always. ⁣🕊🌊⛰🌿

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