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About Me: How When Still Waters Speak Became What It Is Today

What an honour to walk the Way of Tea with you. Do you have a few moments to sit with me now? Here, have a bowl of Tea as I tell you my story.⁣

What I found through Tea can only be articulated in the actual practice of sitting with Her, Tea Spirit. Her wisdom has instilled stillness in my being and allowed me to live from the heart and soul. When I sit in meditation with Tea, I can listen in on my guides with clarity, and visualise my manifestation from a place of love and light, of pure enjoyment.⁣

My space here began life innocuously as a writer's reliquary, which transformed quite naturally into all things that moves me through Cha Dao.⁣

What I didn't expect, but has beautifully evolved from there, is this gorgeous dance with love. I have gained courage to hold space for people - I have always been diffident in my own voice and body and appearance. In the darkest days of my anorexia, I would not even dare to look myself in the reflection in the mirror, dressing in the dark. I countered that with expressing myself through fashion. In a paradoxical move I was obsessively documenting everything I wore, even though I was never happy, never present.⁣

I have come a long way since, and even then, I would be extremely exhausted after every session. It would feel like a heavy stone around my neck, but once I am in the zone, I am no longer myself - when I serve Tea I am the embodiment of my Highest Self, and I would move with the rhythm of the Universe, quite removed from myself.⁣

This time though, it isn't about escaping myself. This time with cultivation in Tea I am also cultivating something vastly beyond my self. I am cultivating a field of gold that reaches the Heaven and also go deep within the soil of the Earth. I am the alchemist and I am emotionally supported. I feel held and safe, which, in the law of attraction, quite lovingly led me to a community of beings who have inspired me and given me more reason to stay my course. ⁣ I finally felt the safe reliquary of what love really is when I sat in on Katie's @pause_place circle of love. Few words were exchanged, and there were no conventional restrictions and rules imposed on these calls, designed to stay true voices and hold back expressions. Here, I was able to watch how she moved her gaze all across us so intently and with care and grace. Here I finally understood that this is the energy I would like to extend to all of the spaces I hold. ⁣ It is by no means easy to hold a vision and manifest it. ⁣ I was told with the Canadian-based college diploma I was doing I would never be able to go to the UK to further my studies when I was 18, but I did it.⁣ I was told to get a job in Marketing because journalism won't earn me any money, but I left my first job as a Marketing Executive after graduation and went and intern with Harper's BAZAAR. A year later, I became a full-time Beauty Writer, and had the best 5 years of my career as Beauty Editor.⁣ I had a dream of moving to Hong Kong even though I got rejection after rejection and the reasoning that I would require employers to get a work visa for me and who the hell needs to for journos? 3 years ago, i did move to Hong Kong and worked with South China Morning Post.⁣ Now, the susurration of my underlying dreams are calling me forth. The dreams of being a writer, of serving in the spiritual community, to hold space with Tea - they are part of the manifolds that make me, me. ⁣ Failure is just a form of feedback. And when you are set on living your life purpose, you will learn to ask for feedback from people who are living their life dharma, not those who have chosen to play small. You will learn that it isn't about you.⁣

The valve of abundance is open. 🕊🌿🧡 This is written to welcome you, my beautiful being, for following me on my journey as I walk the Dao. Tea has taught me so much, and more. I have cried many tears today, but I am beginning to understand the true meaning in Zen's teaching of non-attachment. Nothing is ever ours to begin with. Every dharma needs to be lived out and will be lived out when we flow with the Universe. I am calling it all in, but also letting flow. Love to all of you. May we all have the strength and courage to live our dharma.

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