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A True Spiritual Leadership...


All this time⁣

The Sun never says to the Earth,⁣

"You owe me."⁣


What happens⁣

With a love like that,⁣

It lights the whole sky.⁣

~ Hafiz ⁣


Last night concludes @pause_place's Spiritual Leadership Training, and I couldn't be more grateful for all the souls who have walked this journey with me. Katie, you have brought home to me what I thought I never possessed in me - true love and an ability to hold space through the heart and soul. I was seen by you all in the group; I was held by you all in ways I have never experienced before. Thank you. A million thank yous, for shining your effervescent light, unconditionally.

PS: I couldn't add more than 20 people in the tags so if you aren't there, know that I know you, I hold you so dear, and please never be a stranger. Until our paths shall cross again... 🌿🕊💫

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