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A True Account of a Girl, Forgotten

🕊 A true account of a girl, forgotten⁣ 🤍

Mental health struggles are real. When the world falls silent and you have no idea who to call, tears shattering everything that you have built, there is that one moment in time when you can choose to end it all, or choose to cross the bridge and continue to walk until you find the Way again.⁣

What calls your soul back to your heart when you are mired in the tangled threads of your mind?⁣

What carries you forward?⁣

Tea Spirit carries me forward. She shows me the Way to the Divine. I hear Her susurration when I am lost in the forest. I hear the temple bells toll in the distance, knowing I am doing a disservice if I do not show up.⁣

When we feel insignificant it is often the doing of our minds. ⁣

We can undo the knots by slowly breathing in and surrendering⁣

Allowing it all unravel⁣


Like I suppose one would feel when brought to one's knees before the Divine. ⁣

You are stripped naked, with nothing left because the Divine would want to see all of you, your strengths, your beauty, as well as your deepest shame and weaknesses.⁣


🌟 tiny announcement 💗 Website is updated with changes to reflect a more private way of offering my services.⁣

🧙‍♀️ I am holding space for

〰️ private Tea Ceremonies

〰️ 1-to-1 apprenticeship and mentorship for freedom from deep unsettling insecurity, anxiety and perfectionism

〰️ beginner's course on Cha Dao

〰️ spiritual healing work for body freedom. ⁣

🪶 Links in my bio, or dm me to find out more.

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