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A Practice That Will Transform Your Life Forever

When there is a distinct disconnection with the body and the heart, the connection with the spirit and soul is then lost. We look for external approvals and declarations of undying love to carry us through life.  ⁣

But we know, deep down, we all know, that this is never going to create the everlasting happiness container that which all of us want in this human experience.⁣

Are you feeling...⁣

... the external voices and inner critical voice are so loud that you have lost sight of who the authentic self is⁣

... a disconnection from the body (the self) and others⁣

... low to no confidence in your own self and self-image, feelings of not having been participating in your own life at all⁣

... no time to breathe - "Where did time go? I am just waiting for the weekend to end and for the grind to begin again. I have no life" ⁣

... overwhelming responsibilities, with no time for the self⁣

... the need to deepen a spiritual connection to something more profound out there, but don't know how⁣

... no one to talk to about deeper, spiritual matters⁣


I was, until Tea found me.

First comes form, then freedom.⁣

What may seem like a ceremony full of sticky rules and a set of obscure rituals is actually a liberation for the soul, a breaking open of the heart through wordless communion, poetry of the soul, and the art of life.⁣

One's progress on the Way of Tea is not measured by metrics and time. In fact it goes against the grain of the societal norms in which we are mostly raised. There is no comparison, no competition. Your relationship with Tea Spirit is yours and yours only.⁣

The truth of the matter already exists a long time ago - it is okay to be not okay.⁣

Samurais had once upon a time lay aside their weapons to enter through the nijiriguchi so that they could sit in silence in the tiny austere Tea space, and just for that time, be. There is no social status, name or title of which to speak.⁣

In the same way, here is a space that is available for you to just leave behind the World of Dust to gather your thoughts, to simply breathe, having no need at all to speak or justify or explain. No need at all. ⁣

If you are already reading this far, I do not doubt that Tea Spirit is already calling you forth.⁣

When full attention is given to a being, you become alive and fully aware. In the same way we give attention to Tea in ceremony. She comes alive and dances the dance of life and infuses us with Her ancient wisdom and heightens our sensitivity and intuition, just as we infuse Tea with our respect and love. This is the one and only moment - grasp it, don't let it pass you by for it will never come around the same ever again.⁣


🕊〰️ JOURNEY ON CHA DAO ° POETRY, PRESENCE AND CONNECTION CIRCLE 〰️ doors are now open · a seven-week journey that takes place in the virtual space so you can be in any part of the world and still join in on this beautiful journey ⁣inspired by cloudwalking sages and mystics · ⁣⁣⁣

🍃 DM me if you have any questions or to discuss financial options. Registration closes October 26. Begins November 3. ⁣

➰ not ready for a full journey? book in for a private Tea Ceremony for a discovery experience, or join me on one of my virtual Tea Ceremonies. Links are also in my bio. 

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