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A Mantra For Huge Ascension

A mantra for these highly transitory times came to me in one of my Tea Ceremonies

💗🕯 {>SWIPE>} 💗🌟

We often get told to cut cords but I have found that it creates a greater divide.

I instead lovingly incinerate the energies within my heart - not unlike times when you write all that do not serve onto a piece of paper and then burn it up. 💗

Are you feeling the ascension energy too? 🧝🏻‍♀️

Know that it is okay to feel a little wobbly. Staying the course with the knowing you are led and guided will lead you to the place in this timeline to light up your divine fire 🔥

※ All in good "time" (because heck, time does not really exist, does it? 😉) ※

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