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A Love Letter To The Self

Dear LiYing, ⁣

You are unstoppable force, did you know that?⁣

Stubborn as nails all the time, but my oh my, whenever it is time for you to step up you never disappoint.⁣

And I know you put a lot of pressure on your dear heart to be the best version you can ever be. I know that there are alone times when you would cry silently and sob into your bowls of Tea about how hard this feels.⁣

I know, I see you.⁣

I just want you to know that I love you for you. There is nothing else to be, just you. ⁣

I also am so effing proud of you for beating all the odds and making it through the storm of your hatred and self-loathing. You are right where you need to be, and you are shining a light so bright that soon enough every person who sees it will wade their way through the sea of noise towards your shining beacon of light.⁣

I know sometimes it feels hard, like your words are falling on deaf ears, or you are lost in the midst of achieving and doing. Know that you are growing stronger each day, feeling into your feminine powers and coming into the sovereign self that you are.⁣

Woman, you are rising in this spiral of light, curving through hardships and standing strong in vulnerability. ⁣

I love you, and I will never abandon you ever again.⁣

You have my word.⁣

Love from all my heart, ⁣



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