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A Letter To My Thirty Year-Old Self

Three years ago today, I was on a month-long break at a creative writing residency in Vermont. I took a road trip up to Montreal in Quebec, and I remember how I was just allowing myself to eat "imperfect foods" to which I was used to saying no for years and for which then had cravings. ⁣

Today, looking back at the picture I want to thank that version of me for seeing the bigger picture and not allowing the discomfort of being in a body that was recuperating, and the fear of how it would feel inside of her get to her. ⁣

Because there was patience and tenderness for my body, for gratitude for a body that had constantly forgiven me for all that I had put her through, I was able to feel and open up my heart, to know that I don't have and never had to live in a secret like this. I saw that it was all a mind-made sense of self controlled by a disease that tricked me into thinking that my identity was synonymous with the eating disorder. ⁣

This is it. You have to remember you are the magician and that ego voice is the trickster. Only you can decide to get out of the matrix. ⁣

Make the decision to step out of the web of illusions and lies. Set yourself free. ⁣

By the way, There are no bad foods 💯 when you realise that whatever you're craving for can nourish your body and soul you will eat without any guilt and be guided intuitively. I definitely have fully recovered through rooting in that mindset and working towards honouring what feels in harmony with my body, Nature and the soul. This will be one of the modules in my offerings, A Space To Be Free. 🧡⁣


🌊 A Space To Be Free 〰️ a 6-month Journey for beings seeking to be free from body image issues and support and accountability in maintaining a lifelong full disordered eating recovery through holistic rituals and intuitive practices led by the guiding principles of Cha Dao and Zen. Ready to break the cycle for good with a healthy start to 2021? 👇🏻👇🏻👇🏻


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