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A Creation Of Pure Life Essence

Whenever I look back on the darkest times of my life had been so far, I would inevitably be drawn back to the version entrenched in ten years of anorexia and semi-recovery eating disorders.

I had survived the thing that I thought I would die doing - eating whatever I want at any amount I want.

It makes me feel really sad when I hear people say that people with ED never heal fully.

Now, I do not expect everyone to understand. I am not meant to suit everyone's flavour of the day.

I stand testament to the fully recovered ones - and though I may not have the conventional way of eating habits, my life is not perfect, my body is not perfect, I am absolutely free. Free to choose to eat whenever, wherever, whatever and however much I want.

And more than the recovery, I have created a life that asks of me to look deeper and ever deeper within, a life devoted to transformation in the most alchemical way.

Alchemy happens in total surrender, in a state when you are truly ready for whatever it is to step forward for you to alchemise into purpose.

And out of my life's journey, Siren Goddess was born.

I remember feeling how big, how much bigger it was than I could ever envision myself to be. How could I lead this with integrity, I remember asking myself?

I am so proud that I stuck with it and went into the unknown and allowed this energy to shape me.

Siren Goddess asks me to rise to her level each day, to calibrate to a vortex of stillness where profound impact can be made from an overflow.

No more women undervaluing herself. No more leaders leading from scarcity and fear. No more women overgiving to compensate for lack. No more inner child left unheard. No more ancestral wisdom discarded into the wind.

Through all the many iterations, Siren Goddess continues to expand and blow my circuits.

This is authentic power - flowing as the cosmic magnificence you are without needing the external world to validate your essence of truth.

It does not matter whether you have invested 1 dollar, 15 dollars, or thousands of dollars into your personal development if you are not open to fully surrendering to the transformation that exists in the unified field of limitless potential.

And I see you my dear. You have worn this protective personality for a long time to get by, to be accepted, to become more lovable.

But if you are here and you want to journey deeper into a life fulfilled as the true cosmic visionary and creatress that you truly are, I know your soul is hungry for warmth and something authentic.

[To be continued... 🪶]

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