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A Beautiful Afternoon Of Heaven On Earth

A vision of white⁣ Cascading snow.⁣ Antlers that rise in the night⁣ to reach the evenstar ⁣ The citadels that I ride past⁣ On the veins of this Leaf. 🍃⁣ 〰️⁣ Deep bow of gratitude to the beautiful beings who joined me today to weave a mandala of love around Heaven and Earth.⁣ You are truly a wonderment and a miracle to behold. I am so proud of each one of you for gifting yourself Tea's presence - your presence. Your one and only glorious presence.⁣ What a gift.⁣ ※ 茶道 ※ 2.9.2021 🎴⁣

Next session is Calm on Canning Street on September 25, at 3.30pm GMT.

Go to The Language Of The Soul ~ Mid-Autumn Tea Ceremony {LIVE IN EDINBURGH} to book 〰️ 💙

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