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Sat, 23 Jan



Heart Coherence: A Virtual Mountain Retreat in a Bowl

The Universe in a bowl of Tea. The Sacred Dove & Sacred Earth.

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Heart Coherence: A Virtual Mountain Retreat in a Bowl
Heart Coherence: A Virtual Mountain Retreat in a Bowl

Time & Location

23 Jan 2021, 16:00 GMT – 06 Feb 2021, 18:00 GMT


About the Event

This virtual retreat is broken down to 21 days of retreat-at-your-own-pace and 3 weekly live virtual zen retreats designed to help beings who have crashed and burnt under the weight of perfectionism, manic control, not-enoughness and self-sabotage to find eternal contentment.

You may wonder how self-cultivation and ways to get closer to the All, the Dao, the Unmanifest, may be constituted by so much time and effort spent in the mundane.

The secret spell to creating magic in our lives lies precisely in this mundane scrap of paper, that withering leaf quivering upon the branch of a tree. Setting aside time to cultivate ourselves gives us a moment to breathe and forces us to leave behind the hubbub of daily lives to come into stillness and a space for healing to happen.

Healing does not just happen quickly. True healing takes time and dedication.

This is the path of devotion.

Truth does not need to be sought out. Truth comes to light when we dare to look our pain in the eye. Remain appreciative of this physical existence while living in the knowing that we are all spiritual multidimensional beings. Tea is a plant medicine that greatly facilitates that consciousness.

〰️ It is in the no·thingness, the unmanifest, that you become present to limitless possibilities -> effectively alchemise emotions to end the chase after the perfect something

〰️ learn to see that Zen is in our everyday life -> cultivate a space of wholeness where there is nothing to do and improve

〰️ Control hides a deep-set stagnation of energies and loss of touch with your true feelings -> work your own deep magic and alchemy by learning how to catalyse the Three Treasures - Shen, Jing and Qi

〰️ Embrace and love the mystery of life's vicissitudes -> there is no need to struggle and effort as you learn there is a divine power at work

Join LiYing Lim and a group of precious light-beings who have chosen to embody a life of Calm Joy. The fee includes:

〰️ 3 weekly live Zen Retreats on January 23, 30, and February 6, 4pm - 6pm UK time

〰️ 21 days of poetry and prompts

〰️ a beautifully wrapped gift that comes with ceremonial-grade, intuitively hand-picked living Tea leaves from ancient trees that have roots that go deep into inner earth and flourished with the untainted waters of the Himalayas - Dragon Veins that pour forth from the heaven, fusing the intelligence of the Universe with the wisdom of mother earth for aligning our chakras, or in TCM, shen, qi and jing.

〰️ Sacred Space Creation Kit that includes mineral stones to bring us closer to the misty mountains, a book of 21 days of mystical poetry by LiYing Lim, sacred mala beads and a deck of oracle cards.

** Includes postage fee within the UK. For participants outside of the UK, postage fee will be calculated separately.

In this safe, non-judgemental space:

You will be lovingly held in the understory of the ancient trees, poetry, meditation, noble silence

You will walk away with a peaceful, radiant energy that resides within you;

Reconnect with nature to bring you into harmony with love and tranquillity

Reconnect with sentient beings

Turn inward and open your heart to loving awareness

Tea Ceremony

Tea is used in Cha Dao for Her innate quietude, her capability to calm and sharpen the mind at the same time, and her gentle ways of opening the heart through communion and reconnection with Nature. There is a saying in Cha Dao that as we pour Tea, we become the Tea. The Dao is the "flow" of the Universe, and to become at one with the Dao is at the very core of manifestation - for when we get out of our own way, so too will the Universe get to work without resistance that is so often imposed by our very own fear and inhibitions.

About me

After a relationship breakdown, years of battling eating disorders and lack of self-love, LiYing first found her spiritual awakening in sound healing bowls, which has subsequently led her to a kundalini awakening and embracing a lifestyle steeped in daily meditation and yoga. When she found tea in 2019 through the lineage of Global Tea Hut in Hong Kong through Fivelements, she found that sitting in reverent silence with tea can take her meditation and manifestations to greater levels. It was inevitable – she answered the call of the Tea Spirit by devoting herself to the teachings of The Way of Tea, Cha Dao.

If you find it difficult to incorporate any meditation into your daily life, or seek to deepen your meditation practice but are feeling stuck in the middle realm where you can't seem to bring the tranquillity you gain into real life, then this will be extremely useful for you.

Investment: HKD2,336 - 2,546 (currency conversion will be automatically conducted via Eventbrite)

MYR1,323 (can be made through local transfer).

*A recording is available upon request if you cannot make it for the designated time slot.

Participating in a Tea ceremony is beneficial for you if...

-You are ready to stop the narrative that doesn't allow you to be the star of your show

-You would like to deepen your intuition

-You desire to awaken to abundance and fullness of life

-You want to be able to mindfully observe your thoughts and cure obsessive thinking for good

-You want to taste clean, "living" Tea leaves that are honoured for their diversity in the environment in which they flourish, biochemical and fertiliser-free, and cultivated in a clean environment with love from the respective farmers. These leaves bridge Heaven and Earth to sharpen our minds while at the same time, awakening our hearts.

Payment is to be settled upon RSVP.

Pay for your spot now here

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