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The 1-year Mentorship to harness the power of inner calm, radiate beauty, triple your magnetism, and embody your vortex of stillness.

If you are here you are here for a purpose, and you never know when life could just end.  ⁣

Life is so short. We get ridden by anxiety and worries and forget how precious life is. ⁣

I have been moving through the thicket of childhood wounds that when healed, I can see is crippling the collective. ⁣

Moving through the regrets of time I never got to spend with family whilst I am being taken away by work...⁣

Moving through the grief of losing touch with people who used to be known as friends...⁣

Moving through the expansion of a soul-led business in a dimension steeped in the duality of walking with miracles and love alongside stigma and scepticism...⁣

This has truly given me the experience to walk with love and share my work to help reconnect deeply in both the peaks, valleys and ennui in human relations in our connection to the Dao.⁣

For we cannot simply love the Divine and yet cannot connect with fellow humans in this dimensions.⁣

And we certainly cannot operate on a lone wolf mission and reject love and acceptance as part of the whole of who we are.⁣

We also have nothing more precious than our loved ones.⁣

If you desire to stop letting another single second pass by with you not noticing and valuing the presence of what you already have until it is far too late...⁣

I am called to set women free from the chains of comparison, fear of judgement and being seen, sisterhood and witch wounds, and navigate the emotional waters like a Goddess to live the life that is going to blow your circuits. ⁣

What would it be like to play in the mystery and become the most soulful and expanded version of yourself?⁣

As a woman committed to remembering your inner knowing, you are going to be guided to embrace your light through releasing the self-sabotaging patterns that keep you feeling stuck in a prison of scarcity.⁣

What would it feel like to shift into a vibrant Goddess who confidently expresses herself in embodied alignment?⁣

What would it feel like to break free of the chains keeping you trapped in living small, and step into a powerful creatrix who attracts limitless opportunities, experiences, and abundance?⁣

My 1-year high-touch mentorship At Mystery’s Gate is only for the woman who is ready to say yes to herself first and it is now open for enrolment. ⁣

It will include timeless practices of ancient wisdom, embodiment, threads of mythology and storytelling of Goddesses and alchemy, Tea Ceremony, Daoist healing rituals and bioenergetics, and more non-verbal transmissions to create the vortex of stillness within you.⁣

If you are a woman who likes to sign up for multiple courses and are absolutely committed to amplifying your cosmic magnificence from every aspect, this is for you so you can totally eliminate the energy-consuming mind-bending question of "Should I do this one?" (Not to mention save thousands of pounds as well!).

Imagine: what magnificence are we going to uncover when we walk together for 365 days? ⁣

I am going to walk with you for one year to alchemise your deepest fears and buried emotions so you can truly embody stillness and live on purpose to lead with love in your authentic power. ⁣

AND it is my intention that a community of women can stand and walk together, woven together with the spirit of Tea, ceremony and ancestral wisdom from all dimensions. ⁣

So are you ready? I am SO EXCITED. This is the biggest deal I have ever created - the value is out of this world and I am going to be taking you to places I will be going too in 2023 - this is multidimensionality embodied at every level.⁣

Option to upgrade to a 1:1 mentorship is now available by application too.


JOIN NOW AT £12,229
(or £3777 upfront + remainder 9 monthly payment of £1888)

3 x 90-minute live group activation ceremonies via Zoom each month. (Session recordings will be available for lifetime access.) 

ONE YEAR of epic support (Mon-Fri) in our private sacred vortex 
all-access pass to programmes, group events and masterclasses (excluding private mentorships and bespoke private ceremonies) 

Evergreen online treasure trove with over 30 classes of alchemical healing, emotional mastery, breathwork and embodiment practices

BRAND NEW LIVE programmes and immersions  

Deep dive live Tea Ceremonies for full integrative alchemy


A Sacred Space Gift Set with high ceremonial-grade Living Tea delivered to your home. 





** includes everything above + high-level mentorship direct 1:1 support.


Apply now to work with LiYing.
Let the magic begin...

Apply for a FREE Sacred Transformation Call now to map out your path to claim FULL ownership for your Self, your sacred work, and everything you are.




I have really been loving the transmutation practice. I feel it has been really helpful in processing the pain in a way that doesn't drag on and drain me and also provides a lot of insight. 

I am allowing myself to have clear boundaries about what I am and am not willing to allow beings I am providing for to do. 

I am remembering my own health, in particular seeing crystal clear again without glasses after wearing them from a very young age which I believe is attributed to regaining trust in my body, myself, and the world again and really allowing myself to sink into my body.


—  Hala, Los Angeles

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