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Your Body Is The Home For Your Spirit

You do not need to be on the brink of hospitalisation or diagnosed with an eating disorder to seek for help to recover your relationship with your body and connection with spirit.

I healed fully from my eating disorders, not because I went to therapy and had a meal plan and a workout schedule.

I healed fully, finally, after ten years of struggling inches deep in the quagmire of loneliness and endless loops of criticisms, because I realised there is so much more on the other side of the coin.

No more bending to the rules imposed by social conditioning on our subconscious on how we are supposed to look and feel to be "beautiful".

No more shrinking ourselves or asking for permission to eat - no more seeking for permission to exist.

You are simply enough because you are alive and you exist.

You are here, a spiritual being living a human experience, and you have the choice to live any way you want.

Read that again.

You have the choice to live any way you want.

You have the choice to tell yourself a different story.

You do not need permission or approval for how you want to live, eat, or look.

You do not need permission to rewire your neural pathways and rewrite your story.

And yes it takes work and time to dismantle this ego-driven limiting belief. You know I am here for you.

You and your disconnection with your body are gifts that can open portals to higher awakenings of the soul.

Unconditionally. Loving you. Seeing you. Holding you.


I am so excited about meeting you all this Sunday. Should you wish to join the first ever Sacred Circle for Your Body Is The Home For Your Spirit, please DM me or visit link in bio. There are still a few spots available. 😇

All that is asked of you is to get into a comfortable space where you can rest without distractions. You can even make up the space so it feels sacred.

Grab a hot cup of tea and paper/journal or pen if you like. There is no obligation, but if it feels right for you to go deeper in your exploration, please do so. 🕊

Together, when we are held by this vast energetic field in where we shed our identities and just come as we are, we emerge and awaken to our true selves. ☄

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