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You Are Consciousness: Surrendering To The Dao

With this bowl I release⁣

The chains that bound me to one place⁣

One identity⁣

One career.⁣

I release these fists⁣

That have held on so tightly that my flesh bleeds⁣

From my fingers that have dug in so deeply.⁣

With this bowl I release my soul back into the Universe ⁣


Where I. AM. ⁣

Consciousness. ⁣

Within this bowl I see ⁣

The Dao⁣

The Way⁣

To eternity.⁣

Sa. Ta. Na. Ma.⁣

🍃. 🍃. 🍃⁣

Precious beings, greetings. Thank you for being here. Today I found myself missing the Scottish air and wilderness, and subsequently found them within a bowl of Tea. Committing to a practice that returns our souls to a space of consciousness - the way Nature is wont to do for our human beating hearts - is a commitment to honouring the Leaf, to communing with Nature through Spirit and Heart. ⁣

If your soul yearns to re-member, I will be here for a heart-to-heart over Tea. DM or visit links in my bio for your Tea Ceremony experience. 〰️ private 1:1, group sessions 〰️ virtual and in-person events.

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