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Why I Can Talk About Tea All Of My Life

Why I can talk about Tea all of my life... 😇⁣

Cha Dao brings us into the essence of the Leaf to come into harmony with all that is Nature - in flow with the Dao; while a Tea Ceremony cultivates presence and timelessness. ⁣

Imbued with a deep felt sense of tranquillity, Tea Ceremony allows the Tea Ceremonial Keeper to connect with a greater presence - and subsequently pour bowl after bowl of stillness to the receiving guest.⁣

When you become at one with this bowl of Tea, you become at one with something greater than words can describe. ⁣

You merge with Dao and realise, eventually, that you ARE that stillness...⁣

I see so much chaos in the world and it fuels me to share this work every single day because I know this is the essential part of alchemy - stillness that arises from the chaos when you embrace the chaos as part of the rhythmic flow of cosmic law... the Dao is chaos and stillness all at once. ⁣

If this has opened a doorway of curiosity for you, you're welcome to join The Siren Goddess Collective for free today to immerse yourself into more of my activations and transmissions. Link in bio. ⁣

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Be you, be free, it's all available for you, 💋⁣⁣⁣

LiYing 📿

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