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The Universe Has Your Back: But What Are You Giving Back To The Universe?

When I was sitting with Tea today, I was struck by a question: what are you giving back?

And isn't it true that we humans are constantly asking for more from the Universe, finding ways to make way for more and more abundance to flow through? Nothing wrong at all about that, but I think at least for me, sometimes I tend to forget the true adage that when we give back, truly give back without any agenda, the Universe gives back to us. 🕊🌿 When I first came to my awakening, I was seeking for enlightenment, for a destination, to achieve a certain life. As I walk this path with Tea now I am increasingly aware and restful in the knowledge that it is the journey that matters. The present moment is all that matters. That used to stifle me, but I now see that as such a beautiful summation of what life really is. When the heart breaks, I know there is a means to the flow of this river of life. As we follow this flow, I am living my life's purpose. And that is what truly matters to me. ➰🧡➰ Dear starseeds and cosmic seekers, I know that hopeful fire within you to raise your vibration and live life to the fullest is burning bright. But let's take heart and remind ourselves that it is important to enjoy the process, and when you do what makes you dance with joy and your heart sing, the world is in your hands. I love you, you dancers and seekers. Let's rise. Together. We've got this. 💃🧜‍♀️🧚‍♀️ ※

PS I am putting together some really exciting offerings for July and beyond. I can't wait to unveil them. Till then, I look forward to receiving your presence in my next Tea Ceremony with our most honoured guest, Tea Spirit.

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