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Surrendering To The Unknown

For us all to recover our divine connection with our body, we must remain in the unknown with a no-mind.⁣

Gently, gently, with no judgement for our progress or our mind and heart, we lean into the flow of this river that is meant to run along with clarity and ease. ⁣

No part of you is evil ⁣

No part of you is bad ⁣

Every bit of you stands to be witnessed.⁣

It may feel hard.⁣

It may even feel impossible. ⁣

But please know that every fibre of your being is cheering you on.⁣

Even though you hate the way you look now⁣

Please do not be so hard on yourself.⁣

This time, please promise you won't run away and abandon yourself.⁣

Please don't think yourself useless or a failure.⁣

Please don't let what they tell you what's good and bad to eat confound you.⁣

The moment you judge, the peacemaking is lost⁣

The peacemaking is lost⁣

The peacemaker is lost...⁣

The moment you decide to never abandon yourself ever again⁣

You know⁣

You see ⁣

Who you truly are beyond this dark pall.⁣

You can see that sliver of moonlight guiding the way home to your soul. ⁣

You can take it to your body and with daily devotion, ⁣

Your body will tell you what you need⁣

Your mind will transcend unconscious patterns ⁣

And you shall see⁣

The divine vessel of light you truly are -⁣

Your body, a miraculous presence that embodies the Divine;⁣

Your mind, the house of your Spirit and keeper of your soul⁣

And your heart, the bridge between your divinity and human existence. ⁣

The soul is whole⁣

No, our thoughts are not bad⁣

And no⁣

The soul doesn't need healing.⁣

You simply have to remember⁣

For your body to embody the soul's whispers⁣

For your breath to sing with spirit⁣

And for your mind to manifest dreams and visions.⁣

Now go forth and give your pain and anguish an embrace inside of your body⁣

And breathe right through them, again and again⁣

Until they can all hear you tell them with conviction:⁣

I see you. I witness you. I am never running away from you ever again. We are going to get through this together. If not today, tomorrow. ⁣


I felt called to spend the past few months putting together this free training in which I pour my heart out and show you how you can break the cycle of restrictive eating and make peace with your body for good. 🥰❤⁣

You can register for free here now through link in bio or:⁣

See you inside.⁣

Warmest Love,⁣

LiYing 💗

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