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Rebirth And Spiritual Leadership

I M B O L C · B L E S S I N G S ⁣

Slowly and surely, I find my ground with the cultural roots of this sacred land. ⁣

Yesterday the day was perfect. I left the flat to walk the hills with my loved one after a beautiful session with a group of beings who courageously showed up in all their vulnerability in the Your Body Is The Home For Your Spirit monthly Sacred Circle I hold for #disorderedeatingrecovery. ⁣

I left feeling the subtle but powerful shift that had happened inside of me. I saw fragments of me in all these beings' stories. I saw fragments of their willingness to soften to their vulnerability not as a weakness but as a gift that will propel them through their darkest nights to a light-being level of awakened state. ⁣

As I stood on top of Blackford Hill and placed my hand to the tufts of grass and feel into the land, I understood that life is just this. ⁣

This one chance. One present moment.⁣

This body that is our land - how can we give thanks to the work that it does tirelessly?⁣

How can we end this punishing cycle of never-good-enough, of stark swings from one perfect wrong to another end of perfect right?⁣

This heart - how can we stay still enough to enrapture the heart with space and poetry and nourishment?⁣

How can you make you your priority?⁣

By coming back to the present. To presence. ⁣

I am eternally grateful for all of you who have chosen this dewy path of eternal love and compassion, of presence and divine connection with your body, spirit, heart, mind and soul.⁣



Anybody who wants to do the deep work ⁣⁣

1-1 with me, March and April start date intake is up right now.⁣⁣

I am unconventional, but I am always here for you with love and compassion in a space to explore and be open with each other. We will be going on an epic journey. Book in for a complimentary Share and Heal Session worth £300 now. Link in bio. 🍃⁣

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