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New Offering: Tea Ceremony For Groups

Answering the winds of change, I am pleased to announce a new opportunity to share Tea 🥰

🌿 in addition to my bespoke one-to-one Tea Ceremony offering, you can now book in for private group sessions online and In-person for up to seven people (available in person currently in Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia).⁣

For online sessions: this allows you to join me and share Tea wherever you are in the world for one hour, with an unlimited number of people (so the more friends you invite, the more affordable it is!). ⁣

For online or in-person sessions in Kuala Lumpur: RM450 an hour for up to 7 people for one hour. Guests will receive a welcome gift of clean, living tea and crystal kit. Packages for a retreat are also available, so please DM or email me to chat more about this arrangement. 

☯️ link to book is here.

.·. ⁣

I look forward to receiving your presence 🕊🍃

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