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New Moon In Leo


Sovereign self:⁣

Authenticity is where you thrive⁣

Inner child:⁣

Creative expression is what your soul remembers and yearns for.⁣

The new moon calls for a pause to set intentions, plant that seed to be manifested as the full moon trundles along. ⁣

Detach from all that does not align with LOVE and Your Own TRUTH.⁣

Have courage to dance the dance of life.⁣

YOUR life. No one else's. ⁣

Be accountable for your own soul path.⁣

Own your co-creator powers.⁣

The sun rules Leo⁣

It is its throne, its home. The sun gives birth to life⁣

It rules the heart.⁣

Shine the blinding generous selfless light of the Sun ⁣

Reflect His gift like the moon for giving life to all sentient beings,⁣

For throwing light onto all surface in the cosmos that allows His presence.⁣


We honour the four elements with the presence of 🌬💫⁣

Water 🌊 we pour and take in, water that make up most of our body composition. ⁣

Clay from the Earth ⛰, crystals from thousands of years in the making, grounding us, transcending us through crystalline grids within the Inner Earth to connect us with our auric field and celestial beings above.⁣

Fire 🔥 burning away all that do not serve us, we let them go up in flames in this candlelight⁣

Incense in the Air 🌬 to purify our hearts and minds ⁣

Tea 🍃, the bridge between all elements heaven and earth. ☯️⁣


Infinite blessings and gratitude for your presence on the day we celebrate Leo's energies. It is time for new beginnings. I am making major changes too. What about you? Share your stories in the safe Tea space below 👇👇👇⁣🕊🧡🙏🏻

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