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How To Rediscover Your Authentic Self And Stay True

° A U T H E N T I C | S E L F °

We live in extraordinary times, times that are calling us forth to explore our truth, our#starseedmission, our passion. In this reality it often means finding ways to turn this golden dream into desirable social and financial statuses, to have the right connections, all that jazz.


As I sit here, feeling a tranquil sense of gratitude for the community I have come into contact through sharing and serving Tea, I can't help but see through the shadow aspects of this clarion call for people to show up. If you're not contemplating these questions, maybe this would outline my thoughts more clearly...

° Are you making friends along with the Universal flow, or are you doing it so that you can have the right ※network※?

° Do you go to these social events or sign up for these courses because you genuinely feel it in your deepest core that it resonates with you?

We are seekers of light and love and knowledge, and that is great. However, in this flurry and harried search I ask you to sit with silence - and this is why I am soothed to know I can always turn to Tea ceremonies to ground me. Many who come into this sacred ritual and space feel Tea Spirit's nurturing gaze and heartfelt touch, but it takes tenacity and discipline and full trust in the Dao - the Universe - to be devotedly practising this everyday. I know this because I get questions like, "Oh but I have to do something about this... I am not getting any clients so maybe I will get this oracle deck or that psychic reading to find out..." Knowledge is power. Now that you know, how do you ground your thoughts and then set your Highest Self free to guide you? Remember you have free will.

I turn to stillness. And I practise to trust. Trust the flow. Trust the Universe. Trust everything you say you are passionate about. And then I trust, you will begin to find all that you seek. 🙏🌿 ※

Beginning May 10, Sunday Six Tea Circles will be a place for you to share your stories, poetry, and reflections, contemplation and simple silence. Join me on Zoom with your RSVP in #linkinbio. Together, we can weave a mandala of love and trust. 🧡

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