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How To Live As The Soul

🌕 How To Live As The Soul 📿


This clarion of consciousness that rings out when I encircle the Tea bowl with Tea that pours forth

From this pot

From my hand

My grip on reality

Is just like this grip I have on the handle.



Never forceful.

I let Her take the lead.

I allow my body to become a vessel of the Divine.


It Rings out loud.

The purity of spirit

A drop of golden liquid light from the heavens

Submerging into the waters of life on Earth

The markings of living etched onto our bodies;

The murky depths that are meant to float our souls

On the Rivers Of A Thousand Things 🌊

This pure water and living Tea

Life intermingling with life




The colour that is born when they consummate

Rings true of how deeply and multi-coloured our soul is.

Grateful for Tea. 🍃

Ring. 🔔

Ring. 🔔

Ring. 💗🔔

Life is calling. 🌠

Are you picking up now? ♥️

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